Senior Backend Developer (f/m/d)

Berlin / Headquarters

Who we’re looking for

We are looking for a highly skilled backend developer with a profound knowledge of PHP and its ecosystem – especially Symfony and Doctrine. You will design and implement APIs for various services for our frontend as well as directly connected clients.

What we offer you

  • Be part of a growing team making fast decisions, where you can watch your ideas and actions come to fruition. This is what adds up to time well-spent – not mere billable hours.

  • Creative ownership – drive the business forward with your ideas, launch projects from the ground up and see them through from inception to completion, giving your input and galvanising your colleagues while you bring out the best in each other.
  • An opportunity to be the change you want to see: at CrossLend you can use your skills to not only make a good living, but to enhance the transparency of the financial ecosystem.
  • Diversity: intellectual as well as cultural – join a welcoming international team of smart and open-minded people, where it’s easy to make friends.
  • A Personal Development Plan, along with access to dedicated resources to ensure that you can be the best in your role.
  • Work-family-friends balance – step off the treadmill and feel like a human again: our office is all about maintaining a healthy balance between a results-driven work environment and your all-around wellbeing.

What you bring on board

  • You have worked several years with one of the major frameworks (Symfony, Zend, Laravel, etc.)
  • You have experience with MySQL and PostgreSQL
  • You worked with Linux systems and are able to manage one
  • You designed and implemented APIs and are aware of their lifecycle
  • You know that PHP is a great language, but you are aware of the limitations and shortcomings
  • You love, use and advocate best practices like clean code, design patterns, SOLID, KISS, gitflow, etc.
  • You are aware that development is more than simply writing code
  • You embrace the context of the application. Namely docker, kubernetes, codeception gitlab with CI/CD in our current setup.
  • Familiarity with event sourcing, CQRS, and GraphQL is a plus
  • Experience working with AWS services (EC2, RDS, EKS, S3) or programming Python is a plus

What will you do

  • Work closely together with the product owners in cross functional teams
  • Ship secure, stable and well tested software
  • Plan, realise and maintain scalable applications for financial services
  • Design and implement endpoints with Symfony components and/or the API-Platform bundle
  • Work closely together with DevOps to set up and maintain infrastructure, CI/CD pipelines and a range of automated tests
  • Support your colleagues and team members, working collaboratively and sharing knowledge in pair-programming sessions and code-reviews
  • Engage with the product throughout the entire lifecycle

      What are we doing

      CrossLend is developing a platform to connect institutional sellers (originators) and buyers (investors) of loans on a large scale. Originators are providing historical data that are used to create prediction models. Based on the predictions, investors can run several types of analytics to define their investment criteria. Once an investment is done, the platform will be fed with updates about the loan performance to provide further portfolio analysis. This enables a high transparency for the investors to prevent crashes like 2008.

      In an additional step, the purchased loans can be resold on the platform to create a liquid market for loans to enable a better flow of capital between countries in the European Union.

      We are providing external APIs for data ingestion, APIs for the data analysis as well as APIs to sell/buy the loans. The APIs are partly exposed externally and partly internally used by our frontend. We’re using a service-oriented architecture based on Kubernetes in AWS. The services are currently written in Python, PHP and Javascript (Vue.js) and are using REST and GraphQL. Engineering teams for the data infrastructure and science will process the data and provide further analytics and information for our customers.