Our benefits for originators


CrossLend offers a unique securitisation structure, transforming loans into notes on a portfolio or 1 loan:1 note basis. Loans can be sold on a forward-flow basis, offering balance sheet relief, in turn allowing originators to focus on origination, servicing and customer relations.


CrossLend securitisation enables originators to expand their origination capacity leading to an increase of fee generation while simultaneously attaining higher ROE via diversified funding sources. Our unique forward-flow financing solution also eliminates traditional warehousing costs.


Our flexible securitisation process can help originators overcome existing and upcoming challenges resulting from capital requirements and regulation, such as Basel III/IV and Solvency II.


Increased lending capacity gives originators the opportunity to grow their business to new and existing customers across Europe.

A wide range of solutions

CrossLend’s flexible solutions may help originators looking to overcome the challenges common to their business models.


  • Comprehensive internal credit policies that limit expansion of the existing customer base or a maximum permitted cluster risk
  • Regulatory pressures, i.e. increased capital requirements
  • Expensive financial instruments which necessitate high portfolio volumes
  • A lack of flexible and on-demand balance sheet relief


  • Growth limitations in connection with the balance sheet volume
  • Low brand awareness and no long-term performance data
  • Lack of efficient access to the capital market
  • Expensive financial instruments which necessitate high portfolio volumes

Marketplace lenders

  • Lack of flexible, scalable and diversified funding sources
  • Need for technology-driven partners to maintain a high level of process automation
  • Need for streamlined processes to onboard investors, decrease administration and maintenance efforts
  • Need for cross-border investors / easing of associated regulatory burdens

Non-bank lenders

  • Growth limitations due to insufficient available capital
  • High marketing and investor acquisition costs
  • Difficulties attracting cross-border investors due to associated regulatory burdens
  • Administration and maintenance challenges due to lack of streamlined onboarding process for investors

How it works

You’re in good hands


Active since 2014, our team of legal, IT and financial experts have experience working at the leading edge of finance for and with some of the industry’s most reputable investment banks, rating agencies, insurance companies, auditors and law firms.

Insolvency remoteness

CrossLend’s Luxembourg SPV is contractually protected by limited recourse and non-petition provisions that give effect to the insolvency remote provisions of the Luxembourg securitisation law.


CrossLend’s Luxembourg SPV is supervised by the Commission de Surveillance du Secteur Financier (CSSF) in Germany, CrossLend GmbH acts as tied agent of FinTech Group Bank AG within the scope of § 2 para. 10 of the German Banking Act.

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