Our benefits for investors

European marketplace

The CrossLend platform is aligned with EU capital markets initiatives that seek to connect institutional money to the real economy’s financing needs by turning different kinds of loans originated across Europe into fungible and tradeable notes.

Attractive asset class

Assets securitised by our SPV are attractive investment alternatives to other, lower yielding, investments and, thanks to their pass-through structure, offer a high degree of transparency.

Flexible and innovative setup

CrossLend’s securitisation setup allows us to transform loans into notes on a portfolio or 1 loan:1 note basis – a flexible issuance model that caters to the needs of each individual investor.

Cutting-edge technology

We provide investors with fast, flexible, and cost-effective solutions. Both securitisation and reports generation processes are automated for optimum efficiency and minimum drain on resources.

A wide range of solutions

CrossLend’s flexible solutions may help investors looking to overcome obstacles common to their business.

Insurance companies & pension funds

  • Risk-averse investment strategies
  • Need net-cash-flow-positive investments to cover liabilities
  • Investment structures must be compliant with regulatory requirements
  • Require alignment of risk-return profiles with investment policies


  • Looking to gain access to a wide range of asset classes internationally
  • High portfolio volumes
  • Desire for a standardised investment procedure
  • Need to invest in assets aligned with investment guidelines


  • Expansion of the loan book
  • Desire for a pan-European investment strategy
  • Desire for a more flexible and ready-to-invest structure
  • Need for more active management of balance sheet

Family offices

  • Seeking portfolio diversification
  • Need instruments suitable to smaller transaction sizes
  • Need fully-appraised international origination sources
  • Desire for alternative investments

How it works

You’re in good hands


Active since 2014, our team of legal, IT and financial experts have experience working at the leading edge of finance for and with some of the industry’s most reputable investment banks, rating agencies, insurance companies, auditors and law firms.

Insolvency remoteness

CrossLend’s Luxembourg SPV is contractually protected by limited recourse and non-petition provisions that give effect to the insolvency remote provisions of the Luxembourg securitisation law.


CrossLend’s Luxembourg SPV is supervised by the Commission de Surveillance du Secteur Financier (CSSF) in Germany, CrossLend GmbH acts as tied agent of FinTech Group Bank AG within the scope of § 2 para. 10 of the German Banking Act.

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+49 30 208 488 100
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