Streamlined access to the attractive debt asset class

What we deliver

Counterparty sourcing

What we provide

Our benefits for investors

Access to low-correlation asset class (hist. attractive returns)

Investment into otherwise difficult-to-access opportunities

Products from selected international originators

Full transparency due to look-through asset structure

Effective deployment of capital, even on a daily basis

Licensed structure
SPV supervised in Luxembourg

Use cases


As originators, banks may expand their origination capacity and increase income, whilst simultaneously improving their capital reserves. As investors, banks can earn positive carry and diversify their investments across countries and debt asset classes.

Insurance companies

Insurance companies may improve their ability to match their long term guarantees. Our digital platform enables meaningful comparison of all originators, including smaller ones not reached by traditional ABS structures.

Investment funds

The CrossLend marketplace offers investment funds a single point of access to private debt, spanning different originators, countries and asset classes. Standardised loan tapes and a replicable legal structure allow for a better comparability of different opportunities as well as a more efficient and scalable investment process.

Current marketplace origination

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