DevOps (f/m/d)

Berlin / Headquarters

Who we’re looking for

The CTO is looking for a true orchestra director and a trustworthy asset to bring the team to the cloud and beyond!

What we offer you

  • A Personal Development Plan, along with access to dedicated resources to ensure that you can be the best in your role.
  • Be part of a growing team making fast decisions, where you can watch your ideas and actions come to fruition. This is what adds up to time well-spent – not mere billable hours.
  • Creative ownership – drive the business forward with your ideas, launch projects from the ground up and see them through from inception to completion, giving your input and galvanising your colleagues while you bring out the best in each other.
  • An opportunity to be the change you want to see: at CrossLend you can use your skills to not only make a good living, but to enhance the transparency of the financial ecosystem.
  • Diversity: intellectual as well as cultural – join a welcoming international team of smart and open-minded people, where it’s easy to make friends.
  • Work-family-friends balance – step off the treadmill and feel like a human again: our office is all about maintaining a healthy balance between a results-driven work environment and your all-around wellbeing.

What you bring on board

  • At least 2 – 3 years of hands-on experience as DevOps
  • You like to work on Terraform, without being sent to Mars by Elon Musk
  • You know how to make use of the advantages of AWS – and you know about the disadvantages too
  • You can tame K8s (EKS) with Helm
  • You build and deploy containers with CI/CD pipelines
  • You are able to provision dedicated instances with Ansible
  • You are not scared of handling scalable data processing environments like HDFS, Spark and Kafka
  • You never forget proper Monitoring and Logging (ELK)
  • You would think about automating things (Bash, Python) if you would have to repeat something twice

Why do we need you

  • To design, build and maintain our infrastructure
  • To distribute workload to our pool of DevOps freelancers
  • To keep systems and customer data secure
  • To create strategies for scaling, backup and continuity
  • To support setting up Docker and Pipelines for new services
  • To enable proper testing in sandboxed environments

Who are we

CrossLend is a digital debt marketplace with a mission to make the European lending and investment ecosystem more efficient, transparent and profitable.

By means of an innovative securitisation solution, CrossLend seamlessly connects originator supply with institutional investor demand, creating uniquely flexible, beneficial opportunities for both. With lenders empowered to lend more and investors able to deploy their capital more efficiently, liquidity is available to flow where it is needed, helping fund Europe’s real economy: a win-win-win situation for all.

Backed by an array of prestigious equity investors from Europe and the U.S., including Lakestar, CME Ventures, Earlybird, ABN AMRO’s Digital Impact Fund, solarisBank and the Luxembourg Future Fund, CrossLend plans to establish a European Debt Exchange.