CrossLend Data Suite: here to help

The CrossLend Data Suite provides cutting-edge technology to support loan originators in handling their debt data. Originators can dig deep into their own data and cut right to its core. Thanks to a streamlined data format, our customers are able to explore their data at a new level and unlock valuable, hidden information. This includes:



Originators analyse and evaluate their data differently. The data standard developed by CrossLend is particularly oriented towards the specifications and expectations of investors. This independent 3rd party data standard thus supports transparency towards all stakeholders.


Once the data is standardised, data automation processes can begin. Thanks to the digitised process, a continuous data feed is established – from (potentially many) distinct systems with different formats into one system.


The Data Suite as a single reference access point for data handles all sorts of the originators’ loan level data.



An in depth, objective and granular view on various types of debt data can be obtained.


With our state-of-the-art reporting, CrossLend offers originators an easy way to obtain a clear picture of their credit portfolio at any time. These reports can also be made available to external stakeholders.

Market insight

CrossLend Data Suite allows you to compare your credit performance across different indicators with the average values of other originators.

The CrossLend Data Suite is designed to effectively assist originators in dealing with current and future challenges.

Challenges our clients are facing

The COVID-19 pandemic has slowed down economic growth worldwide. The lending industry is facing many challenges; more cautious, risk-averse investors, a decrease in lending volumes, and new uncertainties when it comes to assessing risk. This perfect storm has led to the collapse of originators’ earning streams, forcing them to increase their operational efficiency.

To believe that all these effects have been are caused exclusively by the overall economic downturn is too short-sighted. A clearer picture emerges when the current situation is seen as an accelerator of existing challenges, rather than the root cause.

Challenge #1:
Data format

There is no common unified data format. This leads to a situation where every originator has its own approach to setting up different data streams. This is not only difficult for originators to handle, but also challenging for investors. Inefficiency and a lack of scalability are only two of the resulting problems.

Challenge #2:
Portfolio analytics

Due to a lack of standardised data paired with a non-standardised calculation methodology, computing cash flows, projections and IRRs can be a laborious process and prone to manual error. The analytics process thus becomes a cumbersome and cost-intensive endeavour.

Challenge #3:
Reporting requirements

Especially in times of crisis, when investors are becoming more risk-averse, increased transparency is crucial. The development of standardised reports for a variety of stakeholders is often unautomated and time-consuming.

Benefit from years of experience with debt data

We have developed a digital debt marketplace that connects originators with institutional investors. With many originators onboarded for transactional purposes, we have developed profound expertise in collecting and processing massive amounts of debt data.

CrossLend has a deep understanding of institutional investors’ decision making processes, developed over many years with the knowledge and expertise of its experienced analytics, sales and tech teams. This has allowed us to design data formats and tools that meet the need for a clear and transparent display of data.

We support loan originators through thick and thin

Due to the current environment, and the challenges of unwieldy data, originators are facing uncertain times.

We strongly believe that the whole lending industry needs to rally together, benefitting from an exchange of expertise and knowledge.

That is why we have decided to provide loan originators with access to our Data Suite, a first class toolkit to help them thrive in the current crisis and overcome their challenges.

Let’s leverage the full potential of debt data – together!

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