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As originators, banks may expand their origination capacity and increase income whilst simultaneously improving their capital reserves. As investors, banks can earn positive carry and diversify their investments across countries and debt asset classes.

Insurance companies

Insurance companies may improve their ability to match their long-term guarantees. Our digital platform enables meaningful comparison of all originators, including smaller ones not reached by traditional ABS structures.

Investment funds

The CrossLend marketplace offers investment funds a single point of access to private debt, spanning different originators, countries and asset classes. Standardised loan tapes and a replicable legal structure allow for a better comparability of different opportunities as well as a more efficient and scalable investment process.

Alternative lenders

Our marketplace may increase alternative lenders’ visibility to institutional investors and prove more accessible and scalable than traditional ABS securitisation.

“What CrossLend intends to do is really to put on the table the topic of creating a European Capital Market […] I strongly support their project.”

Laure Morsey, COO, BGL BNP Paribas

“Using the CrossLend platform as a means to easily diversify our European portfolio in a standardised way has advantages for us over direct loan investments.”

Pedro Pinto Coelho, CEO, Banco BNI Europa

“CrossLend has the opportunity to become an industry standard, interlinking capital markets in Europe and potentially elsewhere (…). I am thrilled to actively support them in shaping it.”

Manuel Silva Martínez, partner and head of Investments, Santander InnoVentures

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